The Organisation

World Urban Parks is the organisation to go to for international advice, support and getting connected with urban park, open space and recreation issues, people and activity. We combine the experience of our members and partners with opportunities to help build urban parks leadership and bring about significant improvements in cities where rapid urbanisation is occurring. 

We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on common environmental, social and economic challenges where urban parks are part of the solution. And we speak at an international and local level in direct support of our members - whether setting global standards, advocating the benefits of urban parks, or supporting a funding bid, a campaign, or professional development. 

World Urban Parks aspires to complement and attain the same level of recognition as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which represents protected areas on the world stage. To achieve this, we will build membership to levels where we are truly representative of the diverse international urban parks, open space and recreation community. We will act as a umbrella to national associations and connect park agencies, non-governmental organisations, universities, research institutes, business, community groups, individuals and allied sectors such as health, tourism, and resource management.