Advocacy & Events


This committee aims to utilize the best practices database and scientific data to advocate for the integrality of these large urban green space. Out of the collection of scientific and other material from the Knowledge & Research working party and generate together a firmly based argument for large urban parks.


This working party plans events and participates in events organised by others. Events can be of many different kinds: seminars, conferences, exhibitions, lectures, publications, technical tours and much more. First priority is to plan participation in events organised by World Urban Parks: the next congresses and various regional meetings. In what ways can large urban parks be demonstrated and brought up as a theme at these events? In what ways can large urban parks be part of an complement other themes at these events?

Current Projects

  • Habitat III advocacy and side events
  • Park benefits Handbook
  • World Urban Parks Melbourne Statement 2018 - Future of Spaces and Places
  • Support the National Park City Foundation

Past Projects

  • Congress Declarations at WUP World Urban Parks/LeiIERM Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2016

London National Park City

World Urban Parks is supporting the National Park City concept that the Mayor of London and National Park City Foundation is seeking to establish for London, and has developed a formal position statement. The position statement was quoted by World Urban Parks CEO (2015-2017) Dr. Digby Whyteat the Launch of the National Park City Foundation in London on 2 October 2017. Vice Chair for Advocacy Neil McCarthy prepared a series of 5 short articles on the concept featured in issues of World Parks News through 2017. Currently, the National Park Cities network is growing and paving the way for other cities to adopt this concept. At the Melbourne 2018 Parks & Leisure Congress Adelaide recently announced that is was adopting this concept.


If you are interested in joining the Advocacy & Events Working Group please contact Co-Chairs Chris Hardman, or Henrik Waldenstrom