Good Practices Working Group


The Good Practices Working Group intends to set up a database aimed at providing practice-based information and sharing at the operational and managerial level, leaving the fundamental issues of general knowledge about large urban parks to a knowledge and research working party. 

Among the operational and managerial opportunities are such issues as how to: foster biodiversity; control invasive species; engage the general public and volunteers; support adequate staff; retain historic features and character; provide up-to-date, and much more.


The aim is to create a searchable database, containing summaries, contacts, references, links and some in-depth information. A blog forum function would eventually be added to have questions posted and answered. the working party should consist of people well acquainted with the operation and management of large urban parks.

Current Projects

  • Continue to work on enhancing Good Practice Database
  • Professional Facebook group site
  • Increase membership
  • Provide Large Urban Park case studies from around the world

Past Projects

  • Good Practice Workshop at WUP Europe Region/Hortis Congress, Albi, France, October 2016

Register Your Large Urban Park

World Urban Parks is creating an extensive international database of large urban parks. This is an opportunity for park managers to register your park online. 

The database is the product of the Large Urban Parks Good Practices Working Group, which works to share knowledge about how to handle various tasks and issues among large urban parks stewards, managers, funders, planners, defenders and advocates. 

Creating this shared database of Large urban parks and gathering background information about the facilities and financing of these parks is integral in creating a comprehensive database. 

The online questionnaire to register the large urban parks in your organisation in this database takes about 15 minutes. It may be helpful to first look at the survey as a PDF before completing it online. The structure is General Information, Financial Information, Amenities and Facilities in the park.


If you are interested in joining the Good Practices Working Group please contact Co-Chairs Peter Verdyck, or Lilia Haua