Knowledge & Research Working Group


The stewardship, conservation and inherent values of large urban parks differ from those of smaller parks, squares, boulevards, urban street trees and green roofs. What distinguishes large urban parks in terms of their unique values and what is an overlap with other city green?

Aspects of human health, air quality, climate change response, resilience, ecosystem services are among the topics to explore in terms of research findings. Large urban parks are regarded as critical resources and resilience opportunities against the growing stresses of urban densification, population growth, and changing climate.


The Knowledge & Research Database will cover scientific research and in-depth evaluations in various fields: ecology, habitat, biology, geology, heritage, landscape architecture, planning, architecture, park uses, socilogy, psychology, health, economy, and contemporary issues like climate change, resilience and the many benefits of large parks to the urban populace. 

The aim is to have the database contain articles, reports, links, references, and contacts to entities addressing research in dealing with issues that are relevant for large urban parks. This working party should be composed of a varied group with interests in knowledge and research oriented towards science, research and academics.

Current Projects

  • Knowledge & Research Database


If you are interested in joining the Knowledge & Research Working group please contact Co-Chairs Patricia O'Donnell, or Prof. Alizadeh Hoosmand, to join this subcommittee.