The purpose of the Alliances Committee is to develop, with World Urban Parks Committees, partnerships that create alliances, services, and support for World Urban Parks members and outcomes.

World Urban Parks - National Peak Park and Professional Associations

Co-Operative Agreement

This is a statement of collaboration between World Urban Parks and National peak park and professional associations to advance our shared vision for inspiring and empowering people from all walks of life around the world to nurture and connect with nature, parks, and protected areas in and around urban areas. The purpose of this agreement is to facilitate exchanges between the National peak park and professional associations and their respective members, under the umbrella of WUP and in accordance with the World Urban Parks Constitution.

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Objectives are to:

  • Formalize alliances with international and regional organisations    
  • Offer additional services, such as those of Yardstick or the World Parks Academy
  • Create partnerships with sponsors
  • Develop new members, and especially organisations and national associations
  • Facilitate and support the formation of national urban parks/profession associations- connecting groups, organisations and individuals through national and international networking and advocacy
  • Increase investment in urban parks by informing public, private and philanthropic sectors of the essential contribution of parks and open space to healthy communities and ecosystems
  • Increase World Urban Park conferences and events as well as World Urban Parks active participation in partner events
  • Develop partnerships and alliances with key sectors and organisations that benefit from the existence of urban parks and open spaces 

From World Urban Park Strategic Directions


Elisabeth Fournier, Chair, Secretary General, Hortis
John Senior, Deputy Chair, Board of Directors Parks and Leisure Australia