North American Region Committee


World Urban Parks North American Region is one of four regions intended to enhance member activity with related conferences, seminars, technical tours, working parties, and face to face meetings and networking. The North American Region includes the United States and Canada.

Current Projects

  • Expanding the North American Region committee membership
  • Develop Webinars
  • Assist with City Parks Alliance International Forum at the Greater & Greener 2019 Denver conference on July 20-24th

Past Congresses, Events & Projects

  • Involved in the planning and advertising of the World Urban Parks Americas Region Congress for 2018
  • World Urban Parks partnered with City Parks Alliance in 2017 to present a day-long International Forum at the event on August 2nd. Sessions included 'Healthy Parks Healthy Cities,' 'River Revolution Cities,' 'Large Parks in Cities' and 'Getting it Right.' There was a great line-up of speakers from around the world, including many World Urban Park members
  • In 2016, the committee supported the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Americas Region and AR-Urbio Conference in Panama with a panel of WUP members.


Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in joining the North American Region Committee.