Large Urban Parks


It was recongised that large urban parks can have unique socio-cultural environmental and economic roles and issues. A World Urban Parks-hosted web conference of large urban parks leaders in November 2015 endorsed a terms of reference, and proposed a Large Urban Parks executive committee and initial activities to facilitate a Large Urban Parks Network. 

Large urban parks provide both common and unique issues for planning, management, revitalization and ongoing care. They also provide services beyond those of small urban parks and squares. There is a need to share knowledge about how to handle various tasks and issues among large urban parks stewards, managers, funders, planners, defenders and advocates. Large urban parks are critical in providing opportunities for recreation and active living, as well as fostering socially vibrant and inclusive communities. 


This is an innovative committee working on creating an international network of National Park Cities, an international database of Large Urban Parks best practices, and asking the big questions challenging some of today's most pressing urban environmental issues. 

The Large urban Parks Committee aims are:

  1. To represent large urban parks and to support and advance their effective management
  2. To foster and engage an international network of large urban parks managers and stakeholders and to exchange knowledge and experience within that network
  3. To accumulate, develop and spread knowledge relating to the value, use, conversation and management of large urban parks through conferences, seminars, research, peer reviews, technical visits, working parties, staff exchange, etc. 
  4. To advocate at international, regional and local levels the significant social, economic and environmental contribution that historic and contemporary large urban parks make to cities' livability and healthiness, climate change mitigation and sustainability and international renown; and the need to plan for and invest in them. 
  5. To formulate international standards and policy supporting large parks as an essential part of city infrastructure and service delivery.

Current Projects

  1. Launching 2020 International Large Urban Parks Award
  2. Continue to Building of Database: a) Large Urban Parks; b) Best Practices; c) Research & Literature
  3. Providing special newsletters for the Large Urban Parks Network

Past Projects

  • National Park City Policy Statement (2017)
  • International Large Urban Parks Award - 2018: 2 Gold; 1 Silver; and 3 Bronze
  • Participation in Various Conferences


Those involved with large urban parks in their communities are encouraged to join World Urban Parks and this exciting new network. If you are interested in joining the Large Urban Parks Network please contact Henrik Waldenstrom, Executive Officer of the Large Urban Parks Network at or To join a working group contact the Co-Chairs, Dr. Richard Murray or Michael Boland or the Large Urban Parks Executive Officer. You can also join a working group by contact the Co-Chair of the specific working group.