World Urban Parks - Partner Congresses

World Urban Parks is proud to partner with national, regional and local organisations to co-host congresses.

World Urban Parks gives preference to partnering with World Urban Parks member associations, cities and organisations. World Urban Parks will also consider partnering to add an international dimension (e.g. world status and speakers) to any other related conference that may not include broad member attendance. This level of partnering may also be considered on an ad hoc basis and not just from the Expression of Interest (EOI) process.

Consequently, interested organisations can express an interest to host any of the following levels,

  1. Level One: Regional & Local Event: Cross branding and partnership opportunity
  2. Level Two: Partnered Conference: International Conferences with any relevant organisation
  3. Level Three: World Urban Parks Regional Congress with a national/state association, city or large organisation
  4. Level Four: World Urban Parks World Congress with a national association, major city or organisation

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Statement on Postponement of 2020 World Congress


Due to ongoing public health concerns relating to the COVID 19 global pandemic, the World Urban Parks 2020 World Congress scheduled for November (2020) in Tirana, Albania has been postponed until late 2021.

In the interim, the Congress Coordination Committee will work on a range of initiatives culminating in the rescheduled event.

A Statement from Mayor of Tirana

“The COVID19 Global pandemic has certainly brought to the attention of the world why cities need to be resilient and well designed and planned.  Even in these trying days with the need for social (and physical) distancing, our parks, trails and openspace have played a key role to keep us mentally and physically healthy.

It is now even more important that we plan our cities and parks for all and the City of Tirana is committed to be at the forefront of making the world a better place.

I invite the civic leaders of the world’s cities to participate in this dialogue, this movement and to play an active part to share your experiences and ideas through all the online summits leading up to next years event in Tirana.”

As part of the international response to the COVID19, The City of Tirana and World Urban Parks will host a virtual Summit on the role of parks during this global crisis in November 2020.  This Virtual Summit will also host the World Urban Parks awards presentation and a range of thought leaders who will outline the future of parks in response to COVID19.

The Summit will showcase the political leadership demonstrated by cities such as Tirana in prioritising the health and wellbeing benefits of parks to create a better future.

This Summit is a part of World Urban Parks contribution to the COVID19 International Parks Expert Panel #NatureNeverCloses program in collaboration with IUCN, ICLEI, Salzburg Global Seminar, National Recreation and Park ASSOCIATION (USA) and the National Parks City Foundation.

Kevin Halpenny, Chair, Word Urban Parks Europe Committee

I am looking forward to continuing our work with partners in Albania on the “Parks for All” concept. Now more than ever, it is essential that the vitally important role played by access to urban green space in our collective wellbeing is widely understood and fully appreciated #NatureNeverCloses.

Jayne Miller, World Urban Parks Chair

Health and safety are our first priority during this world health pandemic; ensuring everyone’s safety while #NatureNeverCloses.  To that end, World Urban Parks is excited to host two events with the City of Tirana - a Virtual Summit in November 2020 on the role of parks during this global crisis and the World Urban Parks Leaders (forum) in Tirana, Albania in late 2021.