World Parks Week

April 25 - May 3, 2020

World Parks Week is an opportunity to celebrate our parks and green spaces. The week is organised to:

  • Communicate the critical importance of parks in a global context
  • Promote best practices by learning from other parks services
  • Encourage people to enjoy their local park and appreciate the importance of green space

World Parks Week was developed out of World Parks Day, which was held in the Fall. In 2017, World Urban Parks developed the event into a week and moved it to April/May. This way, we as a World Parks community can celebrate the week in our parks no matter what part of hemisphere of the world we call home.

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World Parks Week Theme - Parks for All

The theme of Parks for All will explore the broad range of challenges facing city leaders, planners and community in three key focus areas.

Parks for Children

Research suggests that connecting with nature has the power to make children healthier, happier and smarter. However, over the last few generations, children have started to spend more time indoors, leaving kids disconnected from the natural world. This worldwide trend has profound implications for children’s healthy development and the future of our planet. This Parks Week lets get children outdoors and enjoying recreation in their local park. 

Therefore, rebuilding a city from the Eye of a Child is crucial and will be a central theme for Parks Week 2020.

Parks for Resilience

Urban parks have a positive impact on cities coping with climate change by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, capturing fine particles, improving air quality, managing storm water, and mitigating the infamous urban heat island effect. They can and should be designed, built, and renovated as flexible and adaptable spaces that increase the resilient green infrastructure of a city and allow mixed users. This includes the capacity to serve as safe spaces and resource distribution centers in response to natural disasters.

Urban parks are also critical sites for nature in cities. They are instrumental at improving ecological resilience and biodiversity. Moreover, they are essential spaces for people, where users can build stronger connections, overall increasing community resilience.

Cities of the future will need to become resilient to a changing climate, all while continuing to support expanding populations and ensuring Parks for All.

This Parks Week lets rediscovery the resilience of our local parks by being responsible for the quality of it! Reclaim your local park and contribute to a health and resilient climate.

Parks for Communities

The future of cities as sustainable, liveable and functional entities lies in sustainable communities. This means that society thrives economically without depleting or exploiting the environment. Over centuries parks have proven their ability to bring people together into a more cohesive future. The recent National Park City movement has highlighted that the future is centred around communities and their leadership. This builds upon significant examples from Central Park Conservancy (New York) through to the dynamic park partnership programs in San Francisco.

Bring together your community this Parks Week!

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World Parks Week 2020

World Parks Week is an opportunity to celebrate our parks and green spaces. The week is organised to: communicate the critical importance of parks in a global context, promote best practice by learning from other parks services and encourage people to enjoy their local park and appreciate the importance of green space. World Urban Parks looks forward to another great World Parks Week this April 25th to May 3rd. As this event grows, World Urban Parks looks to collaborate with other organisations to facilitate this week. If you or your organisation would like to partner for World Parks Week 2020 please contact the Secretariat Coordinator at
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