Asia-Pacific Region Committee


World Urban Parks Asia-Pacific Region is one of four regions intended to enhance member activity with related conferences, seminars, technical tours, working parties, and face to face meetings and networking. The Asia-Pacific Region includes: Asia, S-E Asia, Australia and the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

World Urban Parks Asia-Pacific Region is expected to be one of the stronger regional memberships. Although, countries and members have a large geographical spread there will be a number of opportunists to attend programmed events and activities. 

Current Projects

  • Expand the Asia-Pacific Region membership
  • Enhance member activity through related conferences, seminars, technical tours and networking events
  • Create webinar learning seminars
  • Committee welcomes conference partnering proposals

Past Congress, Events & Projects

  • Assisted with International Parks & Leisure Congress planning (2018)
  • The Asia-Pacific Region Committee approved the Institute of Park and Recreation Singapore (IPRS) International Greenery, Recreation, Infrastructure, and Parks Conference as the official partnered Asia-Pacific Region Congress for 2017
  • Asia-Pacific Region supported the Futrue of Park Management Symposium held at Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Centre, Awaji Island, Hyogo, Japan from Thursday 14 May to Sunday 17 May 2015


Please contact Nic Crous (Executive officer) at or if you are interested in joining the Asia-Pacific Region Committee.