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Once you have determined what membership category is best for you please complete the membership sign up form. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to the World Urban Parks office at or by phone at 1-780-644-6976.

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World Urban Parks' is an international organisation registered as an incorporated society in New Zealand.

Payment Methods include, Visa, MasterCard, and bank transfer. All final invoices and transactions are in New Zealand dollars (NZD).

Organisation Membership

All organisations are welcome from government departments, municipal and public authorities, universities scientific and educational institutions, businesses and non-governmental and community organisations associated with parks, open space, recreation and related sectors such as health, tourism and natural resources. 

There is an increasing expectation and value for cities and organisations to interact internationally to access best park practices, generate new ideas, establish park standards and benchmarking, build cooperative and diverse networks and solve common issues. WUP membership of an international organisation is an extremely cost-effective way to achieve this. By creating this extensive international network we can continue to make the case for urban greenspace funding and the pivotal role it plays in building healthy, livable and sustainable communities.

How to Determine your Organisation Membership Level

Based on your annual operating budget in USD your organisation will be categorized into one of four levels. These levels will determine your membership rate. Please find your Organisation Membership Level before proceeding the Join Now form. Thank you!

Annual Operational Expenditure (USD)  Membership Level   Free Individual Memberships  Associate Membership 
Less than $1 Million   Level 1  Unlimited for Staff/Board   Yes 
 $1 Million to $10 Million  Level 2  Unlimited for Staff/Board  Yes 
 $10 Million to $40 Million  Level 3  Unlimited for Staff/Board  Yes 
 Over $40 Million  Level 4  Unlimited for Staff/Board  Yes 

Individual Membership

World Urban Parks is pleased to be able to provide a full range of individual membership options. Those individuals who have a passion for urban park, and city open space planning, management and related services. Please find the corresponding membership category below. 

Important Information

World Urban Parks is incorporated and operates in New Zealand. Address, Level 1 Brandon Street, Wellington, 6022, New Zealand.

For all membership, payment, and product services please contact the Secretariat Coordinator at or by phone at 1-780-644-6976.

Depending on who and where you bank with extra international wire transfer charges may apply. Please consult with your bank to determine this amount. World Urban Parks will not charge any extra fees outside of your membership fee when processing.

For all privacy and security, details please find in the page menu the World Urban Parks policies regarding these topics. All credit card data is encrypted (TLS 1.2) and sent from an SSL certified page.