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Posted May 31, 2019 by Benjamin Jonah

The Agenda 2025 for the Public Space and Public Life in Mexico is the result of reflection that took place at the first International Congress of Urban Parks in 2018.

This agenda identifies barriers that have limited the proper development of public space and public life in Mexico, and provides a framework of key principles & and actions.


Read the Agenda 2025 Today!


Posted May 28, 2019 by Benjamin Jonah

World Urban Parks Annual General Meeting will be taking place this coming August. A number of open positions are available to the Board of Directors for a term.

The Board of Directors is seeking nominations for vacant positions. All nominations must be submitted by June 25, 2019.

Currently, World urban Parks Board of Directors is seeking nominations for open positions, which include,

  • National/State Professional Association (5 positions)
  • Agencies - City or Department (4 positions)
  • Business or Trust/Foundation (3 positions)
  • University/Research Institution (1 position)
  • Skills-based (2 positions)
  • Non-government organization (NGO)/Community (1 position)

Nominees can download the nomination form and submit it by June 25, 2019. Forms & questions can be submitted to

Posted May 11, 2019 by Benjamin Jonah

Join City Parks Alliance and more than 1,000 global park leaders in Denver, Colorado, July 20-24 for Greater & Greener 2019: Exploring Natural Connections. For more than a decade, Greater & Greener has been the leading international conference exploring the role of parks in addressing some of the biggest challenges in cities. Conference sessions, tours, mobile workshops and networking opportunities have been carefully curated to foster an honest dialogue around social equity, cross-agency and cross-sector partnerships, funding models, and replicable solutions for parks. Greater & Greener 2019: Exploring Natural Connections will emphasize the natural connections between parks and quality of life, parks and economic benefits, parks and environmental resilience, and the role of parks and city-building. The International Forumon day three of the conference is presented in partnership with World Urban Parks. See session descriptions and speakers

City Parks Alliance is pleased to announce continuing education credits for parks and recreation professionals, planners, and landscape architects. #GreaterGreener

Posted May 1, 2019 by Benjamin Jonah

“On behalf of the World Urban Parks and Republic of Tatarstan, we are delighted to invite you to this year’s World Congress in Kazan, Tatarstan from the 11-16th of September 2019.  The Congress Committee has prepared an exciting and diverse programme of lectures and technical visits. We hope you will be able to participate in this very special event and we look forward to welcoming you there."

-Natalia Fishman - Aide to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan

-Kevin Halppeny - Chair, World Urban Parks Europe Committee