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Posted August 27, 2019 by Benjamin Jonah

Dear World Urban Parks Members,

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for World Urban Parks will be held electronically from August 25th to August 31st. The AGM will be held via an electronic survey so that all members will have a week to participate at their convenience.

The AGM will give an opportunity for members to see and comment on:

  • The Annual Report of World Urban Parks for the 2018/19 year.
  • The Audited Financial Reports for the 2018/19 year.
  • Approve Board Appointments.
  • Appointment of the request for auditor proposals.

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Posted August 23, 2019 by Benjamin Jonah

"On behalf of the World Urban Parks and Republic of Tatarstan, we are delighted to invite you to this year’s World Congress in Kazan, Tatarstan from the 18th October 2019. The Congress Committee has prepared an exciting and diverse programme of lectures and technical visits. We hope you will be able to participate in this very special event and we look forward to welcoming you there”. Natalia Fishman-Bekmambetova & Kevin Halpenny

World Urban Park Congress Theme: Parks and Cities - Development for Sustainability & Health

  • Development of public places for people.
  • Community leadership for liveable cities.
  • Sustainability and management for healthy cities.
  • Smart city technologies for urban environment and public spaces.
  • Designing cities for nature.

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Posted July 18, 2019 by Benjamin Jonah

World Urban Parks and the National Park City Foundation invites you to the launch of the Universal Charter for National Park Cities.

At a time when the world is rapidly urbanising and people in cities face multiple and complex health, social, environmental and ecological crises, the National Park City approach is a timely and positive vision for a better life.

The Universal Charter for National Park Cities is a monumental document has been written to inspire people, create a common understanding of what National Park Cities are and to encourage positive collaborations. Developed by the National Park City Foundation in partnership with World Urban Parks and Salzburg Global Seminar, people from more than 50 countries have commented on and contributed to its development.

Being launched on the eve of London being confirmed as the world's first National Park City, this is an opportunity to come together and celebrate this important moment... and go for a walk.

In the spirit of the National Park City, we will be meeting for a short ceremony and words on the top of One Tree Hill in Honor Oak Park. The nearest station is Honor Oak Park which is 23 minutes from London Bridge.

For those that want to, we will then walk to Peckham (16:00), Elephant & Castle (17:00) and then finish by the Thames on Southbank (18:00). It's a leisurely urban walk with roads to cross that gives a great cross-section of London, passing through parks, woods, greenways and dense city to the river.

July 21, 2019
9:30 AM EST

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Posted July 12, 2019 by Benjamin Jonah

Chapultepec Bosque in Mexico City, Mexico is awarded Gold. In the largest conurbation in the Americas the park offers a 7 square km green lung to millions of people. By citizens´ and city engagement it is now well on its way to be restored to its full potential providing recreation, culture, history and biodiversity.

Shakespear Regional Park is awarded Silver. A peri-urban park, it offers the residents of Auckland, the most populous urban area in New Zealand, easy access to a large nature reserve with rich biodiversity in close proximity to the city. Well protected and managed vegetation and wild life – in cooperation with Maori representatives – trails, beaches and lodging provide urbanites with nature experiences and recreation.

Penang City Park in Georgetown, a large city in Malaysia, is awarded Bronze. It is a well-equipped and well managed large park on the outskirts of the city, full of amenities for all ages. It provides sports and play opportunities in a well-groomed green surrounding. NGOs take an active part in arranging events in the park.

Queen´s Park, Invercargill, New Zealand, is awarded Bronze. It is a city park, centrally located in the town, providing strolling opportunities in a series of gardens with various themes. A large part of the park holds a golf course.

Hasan Celal Güzel Millet Bahçesi receives an honorary recognition for providing the citizens of Gaziantep, Turkey, a full range of sports facilities, centrally located in the city.

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Posted May 31, 2019 by Benjamin Jonah

The Agenda 2025 for the Public Space and Public Life in Mexico is the result of reflection that took place at the first International Congress of Urban Parks in 2018.

This agenda identifies barriers that have limited the proper development of public space and public life in Mexico, and provides a framework of key principles & and actions.


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