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Ask an Expert is a membership benefit of utilizing the extensive worldwide network of park and recreation professionals. This board is for inquiring individuals to discover new initiatives, celebrate a success, or find solutions to your parks and recreation needs. This new program will provide you with an opportunity to post your parks and recreation questions with designated World Urban Park members who are leaders in their area to reply and initiate conversation. 

How does it work?

Members will be able to post to the topic area below that most closely relates to the question(s) they have. The member will then post any question related to that topic on the discussion board. An expert, or a group of experts, will respond to your question directly in the discussion board. There is no limit to the number of questions, or range of topic*.  

*The Secretariat or Expert has the explicit right to remove any content that is deemed inappropriate, explicit, or depicts anything of unprofessional behavior. 

From physical and mental health, parks contribute to improving mood, relieves stress, and has numerous health benefits. This discussion forum is dedicated to the public health aspects parks play for humankind.

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