2015 Distinguished Individual Award Winner

Dr. Christy Boylan (Ireland) - Presented at 1st World Urban Parks Congress,Ponte de Lima, Portugal

During his career of almost 40 years of working in public parks in the city of Dublin, Ireland, Christy was engaged in the planning, design, construction and management of public parks, civic amenity schemes and street tree planting. Dublin was experiencing significant population and urban growth from 1975 to 2005 and the city authorities urgently required the provision of infrastructure, including parks and open spaces.  

In the last twenty years he has shaped World Urban Parks, established the World Parks Academy, influenced concepts in Europe such as Tidy Towns and played a leading role internationally.

His involvement has included:

  • Chair and a founder of the World Parks Academy. 
  • Landscape consultant and lecturer
  • National and international juror Tidy Towns, Entente Florale
  • Former:
    - Chair, Ifpra Europe
    - President Irish Landscape Institute
    - President and a founder of the Tree Council of Ireland
    - President  and a founder of the Landscape Assn of Ireland
    - Senior Parks Superintendent South Dublin
    - Senior Executive Landscape Architect , Dublin