Ambury Regional Park is awarded silver. Ambury Regional Park is a piece of preserved farming country very close to the center of Auckland. It gives residents an opportunity to walk, jog and bike in open country and enjoy the culture of farming although living in a major city.

Ambury Regional Park

Ambury Regional Park is a natural urban park in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. Ambury showcases regionally significant geological features including caves and tunnel systems, and sitting on the edge of the Manukau Harbour is habitat for nationally significant bird species. Within the park there are recreation opportunities such as walking, mountain biking, picnicking and camping. Ambury contains areas which are farmed and provides educational and interactive opportunities for visitors to learn about and meet various farm animals such as sheep, goats, cows, pigs and chickens. Visitors are also able to see cow milking and assist with lamb feeding.

Ambury Regional Park is one of the busiest parks in southern Auckland and grows in popularity each year. The park areas are managed in accordance with a Park Management Plan which provides site specific policies and objectives. A review of this 10-year plan is commencing in September 2020 and will provide opportunities for public input into future management direction.

As our city becomes bigger and people are living much closer together than before, places like Ambury and connecting landscapes in the urban setting become key in the well-being of people, and the protection and preservation of unique landscapes for future generations.