Six Senses receives an honorary recognition for a Japanese garden as part of a hotel and spa complex outside the city, it takes advantage of the hilly coast of the Black Sea and displays the exquisite qualities of traditional Japanese gardening.

Japanese Garden Six Senses

In the formation of this appearance, 1700 tons of stones from Japan were used, the heaviest stone has a weight of 32 tons. The stones were carried by sea vessel, delivery took almost 2 months. Also on the territory of the garden are the original buildings - gates, bridges, souvenir and tea houses, hot spring pavilions, Zen Do Temple of Meditation. Them constituent elements as well brought from Japan and installed craftsmen from Kyoto. The garden has 3 ponds with decorative carps, picturesque waterfalls and streams. The whole landscape is created artificial, but follows the laws nature.

The name of the Garden is very symbolic, and the meaning it consists in the possibility of obtaining pleasure through all senses:

sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch.

According to Buddhist teachings, only in this way, absorbing the world with all senses, a person can feel the sixth - consciousness, and how the consequence is to attain true Enlightenment.

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