Eco Park, Kalkata (India) - Bronze

"For its variety of attractions, large open space and gardens serving the outer suburban areas of Kalkata."


The strategic management plan at Eco Park comprises day-to-day plans that include maintaining the gardens, infrastructure management and disaster management. The short-terms plans include periodic tests for ambient air quality, preservation of greens, further expansion of green and blue zones. It also does management of the water body for cleanliness, fish cultivation and boating. The long-term plans include developing more green zones, conducting ecological awareness programmes and exchange programmes.

Eco Park has employed around 200 people from the surrounding area who were involved in farming activities. They have been trained and provided with an alternative source of income. The Biswa Bangla Haat is a wonderful showcase of Bengal’s handicrafts starting from the famous kantha stitch garments to beautiful patachitra.

The park has a financial management plan in place, taking into account possible long-term adversities. Around 8,000 is the average footfall per day and on special occasions like Christmas holidays, the daily footfall could even cross 100,000. The footfall shows that there is a sustained curiosity about the park which is fuelled by the marketing plan that includes information through news media and social media.