Parque Ecologico Metropolitano de Leon (Mexico)

In the city of León in the Guanajuato state in central Mexico an ecological park has been created by using a dam that has been put in place to save the city from flooding. The dam takes up most of the area but the area around it is reserved as a park. The park is an important recreational area for the 180,000 inhabitants of the city. A much acclaimed balloon contest is taking place on the shore once a year. Some water sports, though not swimming, can be performed on the dam. But on the shores it is possible to entertain beach life. Around the dam there is a stretch of parklands that provides walking, jogging and horse-riding. Lots of trees have been planted and lots will follow. As of now, there are connecting corridors of green areas that reach the surrounding countryside, which conditions the relatively rich wildlife – mostly birds – in the park. The dam and the surrounding park helps lowering summer temperatures in neighboring urban areas.

Park Metropolitano is an ingenious way to take advantage of a man-made green (blue in this case) piece of infrastructure.