Shakespear Regional Park

Shakespear Regional Park is awarded Silver. A peri-urban park, it offers the residents of Auckland, the most populous urban area in New Zealand, easy access to a large nature reserve with rich biodiversity in close proximity to the city. Well protected and managed vegetation and wild life – in cooperation with Maori representatives – trails, beaches and lodging provide urbanites with nature experiences and recreation.

Shakespear is the most visited open sanctuary park in New Zealand, located in Auckland, the country's largest city. Fingers of existing and enhanced native vegetation feature a variety of coastal, wetland, grassland, and bush habitats. The pest-free status has allowed preservation and reintroduction of threatened native fauna. Elevated and open farmland grants panoramic views of the Hauraki Gulf, and three sandy beaches provide water-related recreation space. There are several regionally significant geological features in the cliffs and intertidal platforms surrounding the park. The park has a popular campground, a range of walking and biking trails and family friendly picnic areas.