International Large Urban Parks Awards

World Urban Parks's is delighted to announce the first winners of its Large Urban Parks Awards - recognizing the quality of the Parks, the skills of the people who manage them and the value they bring to the cities they serve.  Richard Murray, Chair of the judging panel, announced the awards and commended the quality of applications, "These inaugural awards reflect the global importance of Urban Parks - spaces that help with health,  the environment and community cohesion.  I congratulate each of the winners for all they do to make their cities more livable.

As the world urban population will double from 3.5 billion to over 7.0 billion in the next 40 years it is this important to support the development of parks and open spaces as critical elements in creating vibrant cities and healthy communities. The International Large Urban Parks Award program is an important element in the promotion of the benefits of urban parks around the world and to highlight best practice within our industry.
The International Large Urban Parks Award enables Cities around the world to benchmark their performance and understand where improvements could be made.  The Awards are based on 4 main criteria which are:

  • Park Design and Layout
  • Features and Facilities
  • Protection and Community Engagement and Involvement
  • Park Management and Maintenance

The Awards are given in three Categories:

  • Gold Award ≥ 800 Points
  • Silver Award 650 – 799 Points
  • Bronze Award 500 – 649 Points

We are pleased to announce the following recipients for the 2018 International Large Urban Parks Awards.

2018 International Large Urban Park Recipients 

Centennial Park, Sydney (Australia)

For its well managed and protected mix of rich nature, well preserved heritage and provision of a good range of activities, in cooperation with the community in the heart of the densely populated inner Sydney. 

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Phoenix Park , Dublin (Ireland)

For its preservation of a well-protected and managed large heritage park, with a broad range of activities and events, serving the city of Dublin, in cooperation with its citizens.

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Rivierenhof Park, Antwerp (Belgium)

For its mix of rich nature, preservation of heritage and provision of activities, with ongoing improvements after consultations with the citizens of Antwerp.

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Auckland Domain/Pukekawa (New Zealand)

For its well protected and managed parklands, its supply of recreation opportunities and preservation and interpretation of indigenous culture in cooperation with community. 

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Eco Park, Kalkota (India)

For its variety of attractions, large open space and gardens serving the outer suburban areas of Kalkota. 

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Parque del Agua, Zaragoza (Spain)

For its inventive re-use of Ebro and a former exhibition area, supplying water attractions and recreational opportunities for citizens of Zaragoza.

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Parque Ecologico Metropolitano de Leon (Mexico)

In the city of Leon in the Guanajuato state in central Mexico an ecological park has been created by using a dam that has been put in place to save the city from flooding. The dam takes up most of the area around it is reserved as a park. 

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100th Ataturk Culture Park (Turkey)

This is an unusual park in the city of Gaziantep in the southeast of Turkey. The city houses 1.5 million inhabitants and is situated on a plain not far from the Syrain border. It has a long history, sometimes considered one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. 

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