Why do we need an Emerging Urban Leaders program?

Most people now live in cities and this trend is set to continue and accelerate. Unfortunately, many cities are neither good for their populations nor for the planet. The environment we live in affects how we live our lives and the quality of the lives we lead. However, rather than promoting nature, health, and equity our urban environments often do the reverse. Green space is frequently undervalued and, in many cases, remains a preserve of the wealthy. The design of towns and cities commonly encourages unhealthy behaviours and a lack of social cohesion. And public spaces can be unengaging or even unwelcoming. 

The power to shape urban spaces is too often held in the hands of a few and neglects the wants and needs of many urban residents. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many of these issues into the mainstream and a global conversation is beginning about rethinking the urban contract. 
The Emerging Urban Leaders program pushes that conversation forward and outward. It brings together a diverse, cross-sectoral, and international cohort of practitioners and changemakers who together will implement innovative, practical interventions to tackle the problems facing our urban environments and to help build the quality cities of the future.

Why a network? 

The experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic show that physical distance does not need to result in a decrease in social connectedness. More people in more places are more comfortable developing meaningful relationships with those they have never met in person than ever before. This is a great moment for online networks to support change in many different contexts.
One of the most powerful things about effective, purpose-driven networks are the ways in which members can draw energy from them; emotional (through connection), spiritual (through shared purpose), and mental (through stimulation and collaboration) energy levels can all be replenished and renewed though engagement and participation. This is a core part of the reason the network is at the heart of the Emerging Urban Leaders program.

2022 Registrations

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