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Justice and Equity - Global Park Experiences - Lessons of Reconciliation in Public Spaces & Places

Webinar Description:

Justice, equity, reconciliation – movements where parks and recreation leaders across the globe can make a massive positive difference as we sustain the places (and programs) where change and healing can happen.  Public landscape leaders acutely appreciate how difficult this work is given how frequently it may be framed by diverse communities each with their own interests and narratives.  Acknowledging this, we thought it made sense to deploy the World Urban Parks network to create an opportunity to hear from colleagues across the globe who have advanced our field’s engagement in search of lasting justice and equity through public places, spaces, and programs.

This session will feature extraordinary leaders from post-Apartheid South Africa, the First Nations in Canada, and the Maori Traditional Owner community in New Zealand.  These colleagues will share heart felt, and hard earned, lessons they learned through engaging parks and recreation leaders to help address chronic social injustice, systemic racial/ethnic inequity, and institutionalized marginalization of traditional owners and nations.  Our hope is that through these exceptional leaders’ personal stories, and the following Q&A session, you will find wisdom, perspective, and tools that will aid your ability to proactively and courageously lead towards a more equitable and just future.   


Moderator - Jermel Stevenson, Director Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department (USA)

Bishop Ngobeli, President Institute of Environment and Recreation Management, Johannesburg (South Africa)
Rob Small, Kaumatua (elder) on Marae (Māori gathering places); WUP Parks Director, Auckland (New Zealand)
Jessica Smith, Iiyika’kimaat Program Coordinator, Boys and Girls Club of Calgary, (Canada)
Janet Naclia, Programs Manager, Alberta Recreation and Parks Association (Canada)


Date & Time: July 27, 2020, 4 PM EDT

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