Hamamatsu Good Practice Database

The Hamamatsu Resolution resulted from the 2004 IFPRA Congress in Hamamatsu Japan where it was proposed to create a Good Practice Guideline for the creation of a harmonious environment to contribute to livable and sustainable communities in the 21st Century. 43 examples of good practices were collected, primarily from Japan, Australia, adn the UK, and edited by IFPRA Japan into the Good Practice on Hamamatsu Resolution publications.

The Good Practices on Hamamatsu Resolution guide envisaged that members would continue to submit good or leading practices contributing to livable and sustainable communities. 

Good Practice Database 2015

This database collects examples of good parks, open space and recreation practices. 

This database will be expanded as members add information and will ultimately be searchable by topic. If you have good practices to share contact ceo@worldurbanparks.org

A PDF version of the World Urban Parks Good Practices Database 2015 is available here.

Good Practice Database 2017

These items are the "Good  Practices" from 2017.

1. General Managemen

3. Recreation

  • Horseback rides in Parque del Agua, Zaragoza (Spain) (Horseback Rides / pdf - 4 p. - 1 Mb)

4. Sport Facilities

  • Running acitivies in Parque del Agua, Zaragoza (Spain) (Runners Circuits / pdf - 4 p. - 1 Mb)

6. Nature Conservation

  • Sheep as gardeners in Parque del Agua, Zaragoza (Spain) (Sheep in the Park / pdf - 4 p. - 1 Mb)
  • Bird island in less visited area in Parque del Agua, Zaragoza (Spain) (Bird Island / pdf - 4 p. - 1 Mb)

7. Botanical Collections

9. Maintenance

11. heritage Sites