Peer Review - Agency Visit

The Review Team will allow an agreed minimum and maximum days at the reviewed agency as identified in the Peer Review Scope. The duration and planned format will be agreed prior between the leader of the Review Team and the key contact of the reviewed agency.

The visit will generally include:

  • Formal interviews with 2 political/board representatives, 2 stakeholders, 2 customers, 2 staff, and 2 contractors of 20-30 minutes duration and on the interviewee’s perceptions relating to the Peer Review topic. Any or all of the Review Team members may conduct these.
  • A one to two-hour discussion between the full Review Team and the agency head and their management team.
  • Viewing at least 2 each of the main classifications of parks, key facilities, and services with the head of the reviewed agency.

The visit may include:

  • Additional informal or impromptu discussions with politicians/board members, stakeholders, customers and staff.
  • Viewing any additional documentation, the Review Team requests or agrees is useful (e.g. service specifications).
  • Informal breakfast, lunch, or dinner discussions between the Review Team and members of the reviewed agency. An agency peer review is conducted by friends (albeit wearing a critical hat). There are no expectations as to which agency pays for joint dinners.

Additional Benefits

The Host Team can request the Peer Reviewers to conduct Master Classes or briefings base on their area of expertise.