Peer Review

The Peer Review is a service offered to World Urban Parks member agencies to assist them to develop their organisations, their parks or their advocacy. The Peer Review can occur at the following levels:

  • Agency or Organisational Review
  • Program or Project Review & Development
  • Topic Review & Development
  • Park or activity level Review

All review uses a standard framework (which use the well-established Business Excellence framework).  The use of this framework allows for consistency of approach and where appropriate the ability to share this information with your peers.  The framework focuses on seven areas of excellence:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy and planning
  • Knowledge and information
  • People
  • Customer and market focus
  • Innovation, quality and improvement
  • Success and sustainability

For each Peer Review Level, World Urban Parks draws upon well-established frameworks and Peer reviewers.  Not all reviews will use this framework and may use other techniques and methods.

A Review Team comprising two to three senior world experts will partake in the review which usually includes pre-visit document review, in country visit and post-visit final documentation. Also, the Peer Review team will call upon other leading experts as required, who can undertake desktop analysis and participate in any online discussions.

Feedback is provided by way of a standardized and audited Report that includes the assessment, recommended actions and overall, indicating the current standard of business excellence (if required).

The World Urban Parks' Peer Review framework is a standardized service. However, this framework can be adapted to suit the Member Agency Requirements.


Any member agency of the World Urban Parks can request a Peer Review.

The service is available to other agencies as a full costed service.  The cost of this services will be determined through a response to proposal. 

However, priority will be given to World Urban Parks Members.

Initiate A Peer Review

An application form is available from the World Urban Parks Website or by e-mail from the World Urban Parks Secretariat at [email protected]

Completed forms and the application fee are submitted to the World Urban Parks Secretariat at [email protected]

The Secretariat will initiate a two to three-person Review Team within three to four weeks and the Review Team leader will contact the key contact of the reviewed agency to arrange the review.

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