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Speaker - James McCulloch

James is able to offer the unique benefit of parks management experience at Director and CEO level, advisory insights on non-profit models, and as an international leadership director and speaker.

James is currently Director of Leadership at Inspire Group, an award winning international leadership development provider founded in New Zealand and now operating globally through offices in Australia and SE Asia. 

Prior to this, he has over 20 years experience in parks leadership including as CEO of Nene Park Trust, Parks Superintendent at the City of London, and European Chairman of Ifpra, and lead commissioner of the review that led to the formation of World Urban Parks.

James has spoken at numerous conferences across five continents- including keynotes in New Zealand, the UK, Scandinavia, Malaysia and South Africa, and as special advisor on non-profit leadership at a major New York City conference hosted by Michael Bloomberg

Drawing on his global leadership journey, James is able to offer the benefit of these experiences and insights to offer keynotes, workshops and presentations on leadership within the parks sector.  

As part of his ongoing commitment to the importance of parks and public realm, James has offered to donate any speaker fee to World Urban Parks, and, travel schedule permitting, to discount any travel costs if the engagement can be combined with offer work commitments in that region.