Parks & People

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Speaker - Amanda O'Rourke

Amanda has been with 8 80 Cities since the beginning in 2007. She was a key architect of the 8 80 concept, and has held several positions within the organization. She has been a key driving force in the development and growth of 8 80 Cities and has worked on numerous projects related to parks, public spaces, and sustainable transportation in North America, Europe, Mexico, and Australia. 

Amanda holds a Master's of Science in Planning from the University of Toronto, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology from Queen's University. She is also currently Co-Chair of the Children, play, and Nature Committee for World Urban Parks. She loves being a momma to three small kids, is an eternal optimist, and is passionate about transforming cities into great places for all people. 

Speaker - Jo Hopkins

Jo Hopkins is currently the Manager National and International Engagement at Parks Victoria, Australia and has over 20 years' experience in park management. She is responsible for shaping high level partnerships that deliver on policy at local, national and international levels. 

Jo has a combination of substanital professional expereince with a deep commitment to the vital role that parks and protected areas play in ensuring a healthy natural world. Jo has driven the health and nature agenda and is a specialist on the healthy Parks Health People approach to park and protected area management. 

Jo is also the Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas Health and Wellbeing Specialist Group, Chair of Health Sciences Advicosry Board for Deakin University and Co-Chair of the World Urban Parks Advocacy Committee.

She holds a B.A. in Recreation with Distinction from RMIT University, partially obtained at the University of Idaho USA. With expereince in establishing two start-up not-for-profit organisations, Jo has a proven track record with ensuring good governance, developing policy and proactive communications with a memebrship base. 

Jo is a keen swimmer and enjoys spending time in nature, particularly in many of NSW and Victoria's spectacular coastal parks.

Speaker - Robert E. Doyle

Robert E. Doyle is a 43+ year veteran of the parks and natural resources field, currently serving as General Manager of the East Bay Regional Park District, the largest regional park system in the nation with 1,000 employees serving 25 million visitors per year at its 73 parks on over 121,000 acres. A co-chair of the California State Park Partners, he was a key advocate for advancing the successful Proposition 68, the Parks, Environment, and Water Bond to the June 2018 ballot and serves as vice-chair of the Clean Water, Natural Resources and Parks committee; he also leads EBRPD efforts to partner with National Parks on HPHP in the SF Bay Area – including Kids Healthy Outdoor Challenge (KHOC), Stay Healthy in Nature Every Day (SHINE), Multicultural Walks, and other efforts to engage the Park District’s diverse communities in healthy outdoor activities.

Doyle graduated from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga with a BA in Management. He is a member of the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration (AAPRA); the IUCN Urban Conservation Strategies Specialist Group; and World Urban Parks.

He has received industry recognition including a Mountain Star Award from Save Mount Diablo (2002), a Lifetime Achievement Award from California Trails and Greenways (2010), a Special Legislative Advocacy Award from California Parks and Recreation Society (2018), the prestigious Pugsley Award from the AAPRA (2018), and a Bay Nature Hero Award (2019).