National Park Cities

London National Park City, put simply, is a movement to improve life in London. The London National Park City Foundation is working with residents, visitors and partners to:

  • Enjoy London`s great outdoors more
  • Make the city greener, healthier and wilder
  • Promote London`s identity as a National Park City

The London National Park City wants more bird songs, ultimate Frisbee, hill-rolling, tree climbing, cycling, hedgehogs, volunteering, sharing, outdoor play, kayaking, clean air, otters, greener streets, outdoor learning, ball games, outdoor art and hilltop dancing in the city. Why not?

Having successfully campaigned to make London a national Park City, the national Park City Foundation has been established to bring the idea to life. 

They`re doing this by:

  • Leading inspiring campaigns
  • Growing our movement
  • Supporting and coordinating action

As well as being a movement, the London National Park City is a place you can explore, a vision you can share and a community you can join. It`s a celebration of everything that has been done to make London`s landscape, ecology and culture enjoyable. It is a large-scale and long-term challenge to improve life in the city through many small and achievable actions.

Individuals, families, groups and organisations can make their own contributions to the London National Park City`s aims, either formally or informally. The Mayor of London has committed to protecting and increasing green spaces and is providing funding to help with planting. you can contribute by simply making your part of the city a little wilder or enjoying a new part of the city`s great outdoors. The more people who do these things the better. 

Speaker - Daniel Raven-Ellison

Daniel Raven-Ellison is a guerrilla geographer, National Geographic Explorer and founder of the initiative to transform the whole of Greater London into the world's first National Park City in 2019. One vision to inspire a million projects, this new kind of national park will galvanise actions to make the city greener, healthier and wilder.

A former high school geography teacher, Daniel uses exploration to communicate complex and challenging ideas. Working with National Geographic Partners, Cisco, Emotiv and ESRI, in 2017 Raven-Ellison completed a walk of more than a thousand miles across all of the UK's 15 national parks and 69 cities, looking for insights to make a future National Park City successful. He did so while wearing an EEG that tracked and mapped his emotions. Daniel has walked across some of the world's largest cities, including Mexico City and Mumbai.

In 2018 Daniel will be completing a 100 metre expedition that will change how people think about land-use in Britain, making the case for more space being protected for nature. 

Daniel is a member of the World Urban Parks, Healthy Parks Healthy Cities Committee, IUCN Commision on Education and Communication and Salzburg Global Seminar Parks for the Planet Forum.

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