Special Senior Professional Clause

special Senior Professional Clause exists for well-experienced professionals to obtain CPP-I on a faster track. To see if you are eligible for direct award under this clause, please review the following criteria:

  1. Currently holds World Urban Parks professional membership (Successful applicants receive 1 year free World Urban Parks membership); and
  2. Holds or is eligible for CPP and has 10 years of senior professional park-related experience that is assessed as meeting at least 3 of the 4 CPPI Competencies; and

  3. Has achieved 4 different activities from the following 7 options:

    • World Urban Parks Congresses or supported conferences,

    • Service in international consultancies, schools, or field trips,

    • Studied international park and recreation operations through workshops, seminars, classes, programs, technical visits, etc.,

    • Served on professional committees or task forces of an international nature

    • Published an international-related journal article,

    • Conducted international parks research, or

    • Other professional park activity