World Parks Academy - Certified Park Professional (CCP)

This national-level credential is for professionals in countries with no relevant national or state credentialing.  The CPP is awarded to professionals who meet a number of competencies through their experience, qualifications, and training. If there are any gaps candidates have options to increase their competence in their home country or by on-line learning through the Academy. The CPP requires on-going commitment to professional development to be maintained. Applications are now open at the World Parks Academy.

The CPP also provides an indication of an international standard to national associations considering offering certification to their members.

To be eligible and be awarded CPP the following is required:

1.  Current World Urban Parks membership status (successful new applicants receive 1 year free World Urban Parks membership);


2.  A.  University degree; and
     B.  Two years of park work experience as assessed as providing competency in at least three of the CPP competencies.


3.  Five years of senior-level park management experience (e.g., supervisor, consultant, senior planner), and assessed as providing competency in at least four of the CPP competencies.


4.  Five years of park management experience and completion of training as approved by the World Parks Academy Board of Regents that sufficiently meets at least five CPP competencies

Note that where competencies are not fully met an Individual Development Plan can be developed with the applicant to achieve competency through further experience or training.