Parks Week Media Package

Thank you for your participation in World Urban Parks International Parks Week! We are excited to have you on board as a supporter and participant. The following is a guideline on parameters for using the provided branding in regards to Parks Week.

Use of the Park Week branding is not an endorsement of your program, initiatives, and/or events. World Urban Parks requests that all organizations work within the parameters of health and safety as designated by their municipal, regional or federal governments.

Questions can be directed to the World Urban Parks office at [email protected]

Download the full branding guideline here!

Media Package

You can download the Parks Week media package below! In this package you will find the Parks Week logo, campaign logo (#NatureNeverCloses), blank campaign logo (No #NatureNeverCloses), and icons. You can integrate the icons and campaign logos into your organizations branding and new or existing campaigns.

If you wish to participate in Parks Week and not incorporate the campaign of #NatureNeverCloses, we have provided resources in this package for you to do so.

Please direct all questions to the Secretariat Coordinator at [email protected].

Download the Media Package »