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Tirana, Albania

World Urban Parks is proud to work with the Municipality of Tirana to host the 2020 World Congress. Tirana has undergone a transformation in its public spaces, parks, and playgrounds. Mayor Erion Veliaj has been putting the health and wellbeing of kids at the forefront of his agenda since coming in to leadership in 2015.

We hope you can join us this November 5 & 6 at the 2020 World Congress.

Mayor of Tirana since 2015, Erion Valiaj has sparked a public transformation. His agenda focuses on greener places, public spaces, and promotes policies that support and enable children! Learn More!

World Congress 2020 - Abstract Submissions

The call for presentations is OPEN! You can submit your abstract for consideration by the planning committee by completing the registration. You do not need to be a member to register and we encourage everyone to submit a topical abstract to the Congress theme. Thank you! *Registration is for Abstract Submissions Only and will be open from January 27th until February 28th. The World Congress 2020 will be November 5 - 6, 2020. The 2020 World Congress theme is Parks for All. When we think about cities, we imagine how we want our neighbourhoods to really be. Our vision is open green spaces where we can meet each other, places we can plan the perfect day for a picnic, a concert, a farmer's market, whatever we feel, as only parks can give us that sense of community and a chance to reconnect. Ultimately parks make us happier & healthier.
  1. We encourage the distribution of this Call for Abstracts.
  2. For each individual proposal, the registration form must be completed in full and submitted. 
  3. The Congress Planning Committee reserves the right to make final presentation selections and edit descriptions and speaker biographies. 
  4. By submitting an abstract for consideration, it is understood that you are committed to be present and to participate as proposed, if accepted.
  5. By submitting an abstract proposal, it is understood that the presenter(s) agree to be part of the conference evaluation process, which includes provide constructive feedback on all of the sessions that they attend. 
  6. Additional information on presentation logistics and congress details will be forwarded to all successful applicants. 
  7. Should your abstract be chosen, we encourage you to make your presentation materials available in an electronic format on the website following the conference. This allows us to provide delegates with the presentation materials, while also contributing to our goal of being a “green event.”
  8. The Planning Committee may choose more than one abstract from a single speaker. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis given the number of speaking opportunities available. 
  9. We reserve the right to edit submissions for publication purposes. All content will be subject to use in the development of congress proceedings. 
  10. The purpose of the session type, size, format and audience selection questions is to ensure a diversity of session topics and styles. We will endeavor to accommodate your preferences for style and audience size. However, due to the format of this congress, no guarantee can be given as to the level of attendance at any session. 
  11. Information submitted under this call for presentations is protected by World Urban Parks Privacy Policy. Information collected will be used by the World Congress 2020 Planning Committee for the determination of successful presenters and to assist in the marketing of the World Parks Congress.
City of Tirana Tirana, ALBANIA
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Tirana Parks - Agency of Parks and Recreation

Tirana Parks – Agency of Parks and Recreation is dedicated to ensuring urban environments consider recreation and parks during planning and revitalization stages. Some of the Agency of Parks and Recreation’s major projects include” Memorial Parks, Zoo Park, Amphitheater, Olympic Park, as well as the promotion of various outdoor activities. For more information visit:

International Travel

World Urban Parks hopes to make your experience at the 2020 World Congress seamless and enjoyable. We believe that your experience is not only limited to your time with us, but begins prior to your departure and ends only once you’re safely home. In order to ensure you get the most out of your visit we will be providing details on Getting Here, Accommodations, Visa Information, attractions and any other information you may need for your journey to Tirana. Stay tuned!