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Tirana, Albania

World Urban Parks is proud to work with the Municipality of Tirana to host the 2020 Virtual World Congress. Tirana has undergone a transformation in its public spaces, parks, and playgrounds. Mayor Erion Veliaj has been putting the health and wellbeing of kids at the forefront of his agenda since coming in to leadership in 2015.

We hope you can join us this November 20th - 27th at the 2020 Virtual World Congress.

Mayor of Tirana since 2015, Erion Valiaj has sparked a public transformation. His agenda focuses on greener places, public spaces, and promotes policies that support and enable children! Learn More!

Parks for All
The Courage to Grow a Greener Future

Civic Leadership – political and governmental,
Community Leadership – inspirational mentors and emerging young leaders and
Evidence Based Leadership – research that underpins our understanding of the health and wellbeing benefits of Urban Green.


Tirana, and Albania as a whole, reflect the changing nature of cities that are emerging throughout the 21st century, as we see a dramatic growth of urban-dwelling populations. The opportunity to create unique cities has been a central theme as Albania and Tirana have evolved. It is a young city with youthful ambitions.

Tirana became the capital of Albania in 1920. This year marks the centennial celebration with a reflection upon the city’s first hundred years, while looking-forward with a bold vision for 2030 that has been defined as a plan for landscape-recovery based on the broad concept of Parks for All. The vision consists of thirteen strategic projects located in the natural landscape, with nature as a central theme in the various initiatives. One such strategy is a continuous ring of woodland around the metropolis, including parks and protected nature reserves that will preserve and boost the existing biodiversity;

  • new environmental corridors along the rivers of Lana, Tirana and Erzen;
  • a green belt (the new 4th ring-road) around the centre of Greater Tirana.

Great cities focus on the public realm and open spaces and water that attract residents, workers, visitors, enterprise and investment. They recognise and celebrate the local character of the place and its people, which includes the green infrastructure that supports the sustainability of the region and people’s wellbeing. 


The Parks for All Congress seeks to bring together park professionals, their many partners and affiliates, and engaged citizens under a shared goal. The hope is that we may align our efforts and achieve more together.
The Parks Vision for Tirana is centred around the concept of Parks for All and Tirana is the best park incubator in the world—it is a place where you can experience firsthand on a city-wide scale how to dramatically modernize a city with a focus on people and nature. This year’s theme for the World Urban Park Congress is Parks for All which reflects the vision and drive of Tirana’s people and as a result, is a rare example for those involved in cities and urban parks to explore bold, best practices first-hand within an emerging city.

World Urban Parks Climate Change Charter

With a central theme focusing on the future and creating cities that are sustainable and liveable the Tirana - Parks for All World Urban Parks Congress provides a unique opportunity for member organizations to sign on to the World Urban Parks Climate Change Charter.

The World Urban Parks Climate Change Charter provides an effective means for signatories to demonstrate their commitment to tackling the causes and consequences of climate change. There is no requirement to have completed the associated actions before signing the Charter, or by a predetermined deadline. Signing the Charter indicates a commitment to act, and signatories should aim to demonstrate progress in fulfilling this commitment.


Tirana Parks - Agency of Parks and Recreation

Tirana Parks – Agency of Parks and Recreation is dedicated to ensuring urban environments consider recreation and parks during planning and revitalization stages. Some of the Agency of Parks and Recreation’s major projects include” Memorial Parks, Zoo Park, Amphitheater, Olympic Park, as well as the promotion of various outdoor activities. For more information visit: