Going Green for Parkies

As parks and recreation professionals, our worlds have changed dramatically over the past year. We have shifted our efforts to ensuring parks, open spaces and nature, remain safely open to our residents to ensure they can receive their critical “Nature Fix”. As parks and recreation professionals, we have always known the critical value of parks and recreation for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. The criticalness of parks, green spaces and nature have risen to the forefront of our human survival during this health pandemic around the world. Every corner of our planet is experiencing the high use of these spaces and the need for us as park professionals to be responsive and flexible in how we ensure these spaces continue to be open and accessible to all. The intention is to boost employee morale.

#GoingGreenForParkies is a thank you to parkies everywhere for their essential frontline work keeping our parks green, clean and safe. What we would do without our parks. What would we do without you!

We know we cannot thank our parkies internationally enough for all they do but in an effort to do just that, April 30th, we will light up our cities green, wear green, and show our appreciation online using #GoingGreenForParkies.

NYC Parks began this campaign last year with the lighting up of the Empire State Building, Washington Square Arch, and other sites. World Urban Parks in collaboration with its members will work to light up the world green on April 30th.