World Urban Parks, in Partnership with the Eppley Institute's World Parks Academy, host monthly webinars. During World Parks Week we are pleased to provide you the opportunity for professional development and networking as we host a number of webinars in connection with the theme #Hyperlocal. Discover below the webinars you can attend for FREE! 

Park Prescriptions – What Are They and How to Implement Them

As the health and nature movement grows, the definition of Park Prescriptions continues to evolve. Park Prescription programs can be as diverse as the communities for which they are designed and they often include collaboration between park and public land agencies, healthcare providers, and community partners. As a result, identifying universal criteria for what constitutes a “Park Prescription” is challenging. Join us as Parks RX (US) and Pa Rx – A Prescription for Nature (Canada), as they discuss the growing body of research about the connection of green space to health and their respective prescriptions programs.


Moderator: Scott Martin
Melissa Lem
Jennie McCaffrey
Robert Zarr

Green spaces and health: some highlights from WHO activities


WHO has a long track of activities that have addressed the importance of green spaces for human health and well-being. This seminar will offer an overview of some relevant activities carried out in the most recent years on evidence on health effects, tools, and policies and interventions. Time at the end of the session will be dedicated to an interactive Q&A session.

Matthias Braubach - WHO European Centre for Environment and Health
Pierpaolo Mudu - WHO European Centre for Environment and Health / WHO-HQ
Nathalie Roebbel - WHO-HQ.

Building Parks that Connect Youth to Nature


Date & Time: April 29th, 2021 at 1 PM (EDT)

Leaders from the Presidio, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and Green Schoolyards America will highlight emerging work across North America and Europe that is reinventing play as a way to connect urban kids to nature. Panelists will explore best practices for building engaging spaces that challenge youth to take beneficial risks that build resilience and a lifelong love of the outdoors and appreciation for nature. This is your chance to see innovations in this space from leaders in the field and explore ideas to bring new life to parks and other public spaces.


Michael Boland, Chief Park Officer, Presidio Trust (Moderator)
Sharon Danks, CEO Green Schoolyards America
Mark Camley, Executive Director of Park Operations and Venues, London Legacy Development Corp.
Rania Rayes, Senior Project Manager, Presidio Trust


EU Green Deal - On The Green Move

SoGreen declaration "On the Green move"
Youngster "Call of the future for a healthy and prosperous world"
"EU Green Deal"
Stefan Leiner "EU DG Environment and EU Green Week 2021"
Sirpa Pietikainen "The importance of urban and green infrastructure"
All SoGreen partners: 'testimonials' from the professional field, with the importance of the association for The living green movement. A committed lecture strongly emphasized in collaboration with national and international associations and the living green movements. Speakers from 7 different countries about 7 different aspects of the living green on Nature Based Solutions. 
Related to the EU Green Week 2021 with the opportunity to engage with all stakeholders and interested citizens on how we can work together to make the ambition for a zero pollution and toxic-free environment a reality. 


Urban Parks, Urban Futures:  why parks and urban green spaces are fundamental to quality of life in cities around the world


Workshop #1

Workshop #2


Most people now live in urban environments and this trend is set to continue and accelerate. The majority of these environments are neither good for their populations nor for the planet. Most cities have a fundamentally parasitic relationship with their surrounding ecosystems and nine out of the ten top causes of death nine of the top ten causes of death are either indirectly or directly caused by poor urban design or planning.  

Join hosts from Salzburg Global Seminar and World Urban Parks and variety of inspirational guest speakers to hear a range of evidence-based arguments that support the idea that urban parks and urban green spaces are fundamental to addressing a wide variety of urban quality of life challenges.  Drawing on the latest research and examples from policy and practice around the world this webinar will present multiple resources and advocacy tools to help argue for urban parks.

This session is open to anyone who is interesting in learning more about why urban parks are so important to the future of all our cities.