World Urban Parks Board

The World Urban Parks Board comprises,

Board Membership

Board Category
Initial  From First Election  Member Type  Elected by  Appointed by  Can Vote in Board Meetings  Eligible for Executive  Eligible for Committee Chair 
 Associations  4-6  4-5  Organisation  Organisation    Yes  Yes  Yes
 Agencies  6-8  4-6  Organisation  Organisation    Yes  Yes  Yes
 Business/Philanthropic Organisations  2-4  2-3  Organisation  Organisation    Yes  Yes  Yes
 Universities  1  1  Organisation  Organisation    Yes  Yes  Yes
 Community Organisations  1  1  Organisation  Organisation    Yes  Yes  Yes
 Region Chair  3  3-4  Individual  Organisation & Individuals    Yes  Yes  No
 Skills-Based  1-3  1-3  Individual    Board  Yes  No  Yes
 Totals  18-26  16-23            


The World Urban Park Board will meet at least three times a year.