World Urban Parks works with partners to make an impact through parks in cities across three pillars: conservation, health and wellness, and social equity.

As the International body representing the individuals, organisations and communities involved in parks and recreation in Cities, why partner with World Urban Parks? 

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World Urban Parks' philosophy of unity and joint action will be exemplified through its work with donors and partners. World Urban Parks counts on the support of a large network of partners who help fund our activities, implement the World Urban Parks Program, or offer their knowledge and expertise to support our work. Our work is made possible through the generous contributions of a growing number of donors, individuals and partners. There are multiple ways to contribute: 

Direct Impact

World Urban Parks recognises that organisations and individuals sometimes wish to make a direct impact in shaping policy, creating outcomes on the ground, mentoring emerging organisations and leaders. World Urban Parks can develop a program that suits your needs and focus.

National Partners

World Urban Parks recognises that national organisations play a key role in advocating for the value of parks in cities. World Urban Parks will work with all national based bodies that are interested in "making a difference." World Urban Parks with the World Parks Academy hosts a series of National Round-table during the year. Please contact the Secretariat Coordinator at [email protected] for more information.

Alliance Partners

World Urban Parks recognises that collaboration is vitally important in the work we do and therefore we have developed a range of Alliances with other international bodies.

Donor Partners - Leadership with Impact

World Urban Parks Donors are a select dedicated group of who understand that Leadership is more than just being the Minister in a Government, a Civic Leader or just the CEO. They see the value in the broader Social Impact their work can achieve and value their contribution to the society. They support the implementation of the World Urban Parks Program through the provision of multi-year core funding. Partnerships can take place in different forms, whether you wish to improve your brand credibility, improve staff engagement and development or make a significant social impact, we can tailor our partnership with you to meet your objectives.

Sponsorship Opportunities

IT is an understatement to say that it is an exciting time to be working on urban parks at a global scale. We have done a lot, but much more remains to be done. The world's urban population will double from 3.5 billion to over 7.0 billion in the next 40 years. This represents a magnificent opportunity as well as enormous responsibility to support the development of parks and open spaces as critical elements in creating vibrant cities and healthy communities where all citizens will live happier. 

"In 2009, for the first time ever, the world's population became more urban than rural. By 2050, around two-thirds of all people will live in cities and urban populations will grow by more than 2 billion people. It is therefore imperative to ensure Cities are livable and that everyone has access to parks, open space and recreation." - World Urban Parks - Parks for All Statement (2017)

So being involved and Making a Difference is what World Urban Parks is about. 

World Urban Parks, is where World Parks Leaders Grow Here - World Urban Parks provides the numerous opportunities for all of us to lead. 

We are pleased to offer the following opportunities from now until December 2019:

  • Park Industry Sponsorship - Principal (One available), Major (Two available) and Supporter (Five available)
  • Large Urban Parks Award 2019 (One available)
  • Parks Week 2019 (One available)

Details are provided in the attachment.

We are also willing to adapt the possible offers to match your business needs. All proposals to be sent to [email protected]

On behalf of World Urban Parks, we invite you to be the difference and partner with us to change the world!