Strategic Directions

Over the last six months, the Board and the Executive have been developing a clear Strategic Directions for World Urban Parks, and it is our pleasure to release the World Urban Parks Strategic Statement 2018

'Strategic Directions 2018' has been developed by the CEO with input and endorsement from the Board, with it clearly outlining the purpose of WUP, our aspirations, our strategic priorities and focus along with the expected outcomes. Strategic Directions 2018 is an important document for our organisation. 

The next five years build on our strong history as a sector leader, the emerging strength of our advocacy and alliances is set in a mood of excitement about what we can now achieve. We now aspire to establish our role as the industry leader with even greater membership-centred services. 

The Strategic Statement aims to achieve our responsibilities regarding World Urban Parks contribution to the UN Sustainability Goals:

Primary World Urban Parks contribute directly to:

And through our contribution to the above, we achieve and are committed to:

And we aspire through our actions that we will also assist communities to achieve the following UN Sustainability Goals:

All our future policies, statements and work of World Urban Parks will identify how they contribute to the UN Sustainability Goals.