International Park Audit

The Large Urban Parks Committee of World Urban Parks in partnership with Marmak has developed and is prototyping a new Park Audit database for information about parks from around the world. This tool will enable members to research other parks from around the world, get in contact with fellow recreation practitioners, and compare best practices. Our goal is to connect parks internationally on a level that has never been achieved before. Register below to be one of the first parks in the world to upload information about your park.

Thanks to our technology partner, Marmak, the new Park Audit database has been built into RFAM, a recreation management software designed to help recreation managers track asset inventory, do inspections and work orders, improve budgeting/ forecasting and so much more. All World Urban Park’s members get access to the new Park Audit database and the RFAM inventory module FREE of charge, as a benefit of their membership in WUP. 

If you are interested in learning more about how the additional modules of RFAM can help with your park management (Inventory, inspections, work orders, budgeting), contact Marmak at [email protected]

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