The Tirana Statement

The Tirana Statement

There have been moments in the history of the world where the importance of leadership has been paramount to the future of civilization. In the time of this global pandemic and growing voices demanding immediate attention addressing inequities in society, we are looking for inspirational leadership to provide a path for not only recovery but for a better and equitable future for all. It is our moment to create, encourage and give a voice to this leadership.

The World Urban Parks Congress Tirana 2020 focused on Leadership to create green cities - “Parks For All - The Courage to Grow a Greener Future”, which is particularly relevant in these challenging times where nature and equitable access to nature are often missing in our cities.

Three major themes for the Congress focused on:

1. Civic Leadership – political and governmental,

2. Community Leadership – inspirational mentors and emerging young leaders and

3. Evidence Based Leadership – research that underpins our understanding of the health and wellbeing benefits of Urban Green.

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